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The books are within the young adult action genres and have proven to be immensely popular with children, teens and even adults alike. Today over 35 million copies of his percy jackson, kane chronicles, and heroes of olympus books are in print in the united states, and rights have been sold into more than 35 countries. I made this quiz to see if you really know the story of 39 clues, the other side of me. Nowhere to run sneak peek runs started from the prologue to chapter four. This quiz covers many various aspects of the book, from plot summary, to cover design, to release date. The book was released on october 1, 20 and comes with cards 467472. The 39 clues series book 1 the maze of bones blue book made by rick riordan quiz. Ar accelerated reading kids chapter books how our boxes are made. Irina spasky dan carlos betina previous question next question. William mcintyre alistair oh no one beatrise cahill. The 39 clues is a series of stories following the adventures of amy and dan cahill, who discover that their family has been hugely influential on the course of human history. Who tries to kill amy in dan in the franlin institute.

Questions for book clubs about the maze of bones the 39 clues. Amy and dan were on their way to tokyo, but even before the plane took off, their evil cousins ian and natalia got the best of them. In one false note, who chases amy and dan on speedboats. Minutes before she died grace cahill changed her will, leaving her descendants an impossible decision. When combined, these will form the secret the master serum. The 39 clues is about the cahill family which is the most powerful family in this world. This book tells the tale of two orphans who discover through their grandmothers will that they are part of a powerful family who are fighting for clues each of which is an ingredient to a mysterious serum. However, if your childs teacher gave you a keycode, enter it here to search the most relevant books for your child. In 2010 scholastic published agent handbook, which explores the techniques that the clue hunters in the series use to find clues, and the black book of buried secrets, which provides more information about events in the series. In the hunt for the 39 clues, there are eyes watching everyone. This quiz is based on the first book of 39 clues, the maze of bones by rick riordan. The challenges include high interest projects for students using a variety of creative writing to challenge kids thinking as well as writing skills.

There are 30 questions and 6 places you can get hopefully you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Scholastic has expanded the 39 clues universe with several books. My 8 year old has taken ar tests on all five 39 clues books there is a 6th book, but no ar test yet. In the maze of bones, who is injured in the franklin institute explosion. Being primarily angled towarss children, these books are a blend of both entertainment, adventure and educcation. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more. This quiz covers many various aspects of the book, from plot details, to cover design, to release date. Whoever discovers the great cahill secret will become the most powerful person or people in the world. Join host william michaels and authors rick riordan, peter lerangis, gordon korman, patrick carman, and jude watson as they train students for the clue hunt. The 39 clues is a hunt for the 39 clues that can make a person the most powerful person in the world. A set of 11 challenges to be used with the book, the 39 clues. Link accelerated reader bookfinder to your schools web page.

This book tells the tale of two orphans who discover through their grandmothers will that they are part. So youve read all the 39 clues books and think yoknow everything from isabel kabra to nellie gomez. In one false note, what lies beneath the harsicord. Surveillance camera is the 1st card of the 39 clues cards. The maze of bones study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Nowhere to run is the first book in unstoppable, the third 39 clues arc. The maze of bones the 39 clues symbols quiz shmoop. Think youve got your head wrapped around the maze of bones the 39 clues. Do not take this quiz if you have not read the book. So, i assume that the cards are only if you want to play the webgame or collect the cards. The medusa plot by gordan korman a kings ransom by jude watson the dead of night by peter lerangis shatterproof by roland smith trust no one by linda sue park day of doom by david baldacci the 39 clues cahills vs. The 39 clues collection 11 books set pack plus 66 digital game cards find codes. This is a test on how well you know the 39 clues i hope you read the books before you do this mainly because you wont understand this or it is a spoiler alert.

The books are written by a range of authors, including rick riordan, who wrote the first book, the maze of bones. You can only read the excerpt if you have completed cahills vs. The 39 clues book 1 the maze of bones made by rick riordan quiz the 39 clues quiz. This secret can be unlocked by assembling all 39 clues. Discussion questions for the maze of bones the 39 clues.

This is a test on how well you know the 39 clues i hope you. The 39 clues is a multivolume, multiauthor series following dan and amy cahill on their adventures. Quizzes fact box photo identification famous art celebrities. She checked the books out of the library without the cards. Test student skills in math, geography, deductive reasoning, language arts, and problem solving. The brilliant ekaterina branch of the cahill family has developed thousands of ways to track clue huntersincluding minicameras hidden everywhere. The 39 clues the maze of bones quiz 2 10 questions developed by. The maze of bones is the first book in the 39 clues series. Choose from 251 different sets of 39 clues flashcards on quizlet.

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